Export statistical data

The Quick View window quantifies the statistics for the features shown there. If you need access to statistics for more features of a dataset or if you need to quantify the statistics for multiple datasets on disk, you can use the Statistics tool available via the Compute menu.


Fig. 20 Statistics export of current session

There are two modes of operation. The first mode exports statistical data from the current session (Fig. 20). Statistics are always computed after the filter ray has been applied. You may select the features in the table on the left and the desired statistics in the table on the right.


Fig. 21 Compute statistics for other data

The second mode computes statistics for .rtdc data on disk (Fig. 21). Select the All datasets in a directory option and (optionally) a filter ray from the current session that you would like to apply before computing the statistics.

Note that statistics may not be available for all selected features in all datasets. In such a case, statistics are exported as nan values in the resulting .tsv file.