Accessing DCOR data

The deformability cytometry open repository (DCOR) allows you to upload and access RT-DC datasets online (internet connection required). In Shape-Out 2, you can access parts of the dataset (e.g. just two features) without downloading the entire data file (which includes image, contour, and traces information). This saves disk space and time when accessing large datasets.


Fig. 14 Dialog for loading DCOR data.

In the File menu, choose Load DCOR data. A dialog (Fig. 14) lets you search data in the DCOR repository.


If you need to access private data, you have to specify your personal API key in the preferences dialog (via the Edit menu). There, you can also specify which server you wish to connect to. You can find your personal API Key in your user pofile page after you logged in (e.g. at

You can choose between a free text search (dataset and resource names, tags, etc.) and an identifier search (dataset and resource identifiers). After clicking the Search button, you may select the resources you wish to load into your sesssion in the list view below. Then, click Add to session to load the data.